Operation Potcake 2024

January 18th – 28th

A collaboration of the Bahamas Humane Society, Baark! and Animal Balance, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and the VMAB to humanely and kindly reduce the dog and cat populations of the Bahamas.

A project fueled by compassion and infused with synergetic love for all.

Our Super Hero

A Super Hero is someone who has made a contribution of $200k, our super hero embodies the spirit of hope and serves as a tireless defender of all living beings.

Our Keepers

Keepers are supporting Operation Potcake with $10,000 + (monetary or in-kind) bringing together animal lovers, ensuring animal welfare and joy, and fostering a world of paramount compassion.

Our Heroes

A Hero is someone who has made a contribution of $40,000, sponsoring 1 of the 5 clinics for 4 days of surgeries. An animal hero selflessly advocates for and protects the well-being of all creatures, inspiring us with their dedication.

What is
Operation Potcake?

In 2012 the Bahamas Humane Society asked Animal Balance if they would organize an island-wide high volume spay and neuter (HQHVSN) clinic to humanely manage the island of New Providence’s escalating dog population. Baark! joined forces with Animal Balance and the Bahamas Humane Society, and we formed Operation Potcake.

After a year of planning, over 100 international veterinary medical volunteers flew into New Providence. Together, we held 5 HQHVSN clinics at precise points across the island where there were high numbers of dogs, as indicated by the local census. We held 5 clinics for 10 days and spayed and neutered 2,315 dogs.

It was the largest island-wide HQHVSN event that had ever been held. It was the first time that spay/neuter activists from across the world had come together. From this event, new HQHVSN non-profits were formed and the advocacy for HQHVSN events took a huge leap forward as now we were all connected.

Since 2013, Baark! and BHS have been holding further clinics in the outer islands and annual clinics on New Providence.

Over the past 13 years Baark! has spayed and neutered nearly 30,000 dogs and cats, and more than 6,000 of those have been done since April 2022 with the addition of Baark!’s mobile clinic program. Baark!’s mobile clinic program operates 5 days a week in New Providence assisting and educating low-income communities.

NOW, we are coming together once again, post pandemic, to bring the spay/neuter professionals together again to help the islands provide humane population control for the impoverished areas of the islands.

Since the pandemic, the dog population has exploded, BUT with your help, we can spay and neuter 3,000 dogs and cats in 8 days in January of 2024.

Potcakes are local dogs, a mix of many different breeds. They may resemble a typical pariah dog or have hound, mastiff, spaniel, terrier, or retriever characteristics.

Although appearance varies, potcake dogs generally have smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces. A “Potcake” is a Bahamian word for the crusty, leftover food that remains in the bottom of a traditional pot of rice mix. People fed the potcake to the stray dogs.

Here are the ways in which you can help us

To make this event happen, we need you to invest! Please make a donation to our Global Giving Project or through Animal Balance, The Bahamas Humane Society or Baark! for Operation Potcake.

All four NGOs are registered 501 c (3)’s in the USA:

Can you donate medical items?

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Are you interested in investing with a grant from your organization? In return, we will place your logo on all of our advertising materials across the island, plus across the internet.

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Can you donate meals, accommodation, transport or another way to support this incredible event?

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If you are interested in volunteering and do not live on the Bahamas

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If you would like to volunteer and you do live in the Bahamas

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Operation Potcake 2024

What are the Outcomes?

3,000 spays, neuters and vaccines for New Providence dogs in 8 days

Creating a healthier environment and reduces the suffering of ALL species

Reducing the dog population, reduces the disturbance behaviors of free roaming Dogs

Reduces the pressure on the BHS, so that they can manage the shelter residents and ensure that they receive the necessary treatments prior to adoption

Boosts Baark!’s efforts to control the island cat and dog populations, increasing the impact on cat/dog population management across the island for years to come.

Increases the visibility and understanding across the island of spaying and neutering and vaccination of pets

Demonstrates to the world that the Bahamas, led by the Bahamas Humane Society, is a leader in humane cat/dog management

Location of the clinics across Nassau

The Bahamas Humane Society:

(cats only)

Native Baptist Education Center:

(dogs only)

Colours Junkanoo Shack:

(dogs only)

Our Lady of the Holy Souls:

(dogs only)

"Old Punch Location" Warboys House:

(dogs only)

Potcake Census Data of 2021

Baark! focused the census in the areas that are known to have a high density of dogs. OP24 clinics will be in the center of each to make the largest impact for the dogs in most need of intervention.

Thank you for coming together 

THANK YOU for pledging your resources, for investing in the future of Nassau, being part of an event that changes the entire island in a positive way, fueled by COMPASSION for all.



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Our Protectors

Donating $5,000 + (monetary or in-kind) our protectors wish to wholeheartedly safeguard animals, serving as their unwavering guardians, advocating for rights, and championing well-being.

Our Fosters

Our Foster sponsors are donating $2,500 + (monetary or in-kind). Fostering means nurturing animals, offering care and love while they await homes or recover, and ensuring their well-being throughout.

Our Defenders

Donating $1,000 + (monetary or in-kind) or our animal defenders passionately advocate for animal rights and well-being, aiming for a world of compassion and protection.